Astro releases MixAmp firmware update to improve PS4, Xbox One chat audio

PC Gaming Headset Did this video help you? I do IT on the phone all day long and if the battery ever gets low I just plug them into my keyboard USB’s and leave it connected for a bit. I need the adapter idk where to find one can someone help Nice Cards On the PS3 it dosent say Astro wireless transmitter!!!!!!!! Older xbox versions have the dts right on the cable. I have the newest Xbox and it does not have an optical port wtf do I do??? This thing doesn’t work I plug in everything all the setting are how you said but it still doesn’t work: Is there a way to make the sound come out of my tv and the sound into my headset?

ASTRO A50 Instruction Manual

I know first world problems, right? ASTRO has a solution for that. It definitely makes jumping back and forth between your console and PC so much more convenient, but does it work?

Learn how to connect a compatible headset to your Xbox One for voice and in-game chat. This jack is used for chat audio on a PC. These headsets may include an adapter that combines both. However, not all of these cables use the CTIA headset standard. This can compromise performance and quality. Non-compatible headsets.

As an avid gamer all my life i can say this is one of the best purchases i ever made, and i’ve been using them for months now. Ear cups and headbands are breathable foam, and honestly the most adjustable headset on the market, there’s no notches on the headband to set it to, it’s a spring on each side so it’s adjustable down to the millimeter. No wires from your headset to anything else. Just one cable from the charging stand to aux output on the xbox, and then one to usb in the back of the xbox for power.

I can walk out of my room, and down the hall of my dorm with it’s cinderblock walls and still get signal. But again, toss the headset on the charger when you pass by every day or two and let it charge for a bit, easy fix. But, these little windscreens fit perfectly over the head of the microphone, sometimes i can even blow a fan directly in my face and my friends can’t hear it. And they do it without really compromising how loud you are to them.

Astro A50 works perfectly on the PS4

But after a quiet acquisition by Skullcandy last year, Astro has been working to bring its high-quality audio line to the masses with its first integrated wireless headset — the A50 wireless headset. With large, around the ear enclosures, KleerNet 5. But has Astro delivered the high level of performance and quality fans have come to expect without the hindrance of mass retail limitations?

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Posts 95 i actually picked up the Astro A50’s a couple months back and after doing plenty of research had A40’s in the past I finally caved and bought a external USB sound card. What it comes down to is the fact that the G75’s onboard audio doesn’t truly support the Dolby Live that the A50’s mixamp requires for surround sound mixing. It will sound amazing once you switch from the USB audio out in control panels sound settings that the laptop defaults too, even tho you have the spdif connected to the VIA digital out what sounds like you did.

But the only way to take full advantage of the set is to get an external usb sound card that supports Dolby Digital Live. It gives you real time surround and honestly makes a huge difference. You’ll notice positioning sounds better as well as even better bass. As far as your mic not working if its enabled in sound settings under input device and still isn’t picking up anything then it sounds like it is faulty.

Only other thing I would try is to update the headset and mixamp’s firmware from Astro’s site. I read it fixed others mic issues. If you want to take the next step though and use it to is potential, consider picking up one of these Creative Sound-Blaster XFi Pro It takes a little configuring to get the DDL working but its defiantly worth it. Let me know if you got any questions bro, enjoy Last edited by n1ghtl1fe; at


Slightly awkward control placement. Bottom Line Astro Gaming’s A50 Wireless Headset is one of the more expensive gaming headsets you can buy, but with its excellent audio quality, comfortable wire-free design, and compatibility with PC, Xbox , and PlayStation 3, it’s our Editors’ Choice. Because of this, a quality gaming headset is a vital element in any gamer’s arsenal. It sounds stellar, feels good, and has the convenience of a wireless headset, earning it our Editors’ Choice for gaming headsets.

What it is PC Monitor. The TV will be used as a PC monitor, from feet away, either for productivity purposes or gaming. The TV will be used as a PC monitor, from feet away, either for productivity purposes or gaming.

Smart Volume Dialog Plus High-end gaming rigs of today span across entire desks, with multiple monitor setups displaying ultra high resolution graphics and triple-digit frames per second. What is usually lacking is a 5. This is where SBX Surround comes in. SBX Surround processes game audio through highly optimized algorithms to recreate virtualized surround sound even through a 2. This means that you’ll be able to feel as if you’re part of the action, be it dodging enemy fire in Just Cause 4, or slaying the otherworldly armies in The Witcher 3.

How Does It Work? SBX Surround features an algorithm that provides spatial audio enhancement to the sound source. It optimizes the listening experience for both two-channel and multi-channel source content, regardless of the output configuration. This means that SBX Surround will intelligently provide the best surround sound experience for multiple speaker setups and even for headphones.

It does this by identifying and enhancing the spatial information of the incoming audio and optimizing it for the chosen output format. Upmix processes stereo and multi channel ambience content as well as center channel information to match the active output configuration. Virtualizer then takes the audio that has been processed through Upmix and spartializes it over headphones, stereo and multichannel speakers using optimized head-related transfer function HRTF filters.

This gives you an extremely realistic surround sound experience that immerses you directly into your game.

Astro A50 on my iPhone?

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Like the A40, the A50 comes exquisitely packaged in a high quality gloss box that is clasped shut by magnets and wrapped with a cover sleeve. The non-removable mic boom is attached to the left ear and when in the upright position, the mic is muted. For voice chat, you need to plug the audio cable into the left earcup and connect the mic puck to your controller. Like the A40, the wire connecting to the back of the puck is at a slight angle and should it need replacing, you can swap it with the official Microsoft adaptor.

The clarity of the mic is superb, with no static surrounding my voice and very little background noise coming through — my friends could tell when I was using the A The moment I stop talking, the mic cuts straight out, whereas with some mics there is a pause of white noise.

A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station (Gen 3)

Share on Linkedin I have a big problem with many — if not most — gaming grade headsets. It often feels like there are just two types of gaming headsets. Most seem to be tuned to deliver thunderous bass, perfect for the perpetual barrages and bombardments of explosions and gunfire that are so pervasive on so many games. Others, made with the eSports crowd in mind, focus on the crisp highs, allowing for pin-point phonic perception for things like enemy footsteps.

Jun 30,  · Can I use the Astro A50 Gen 3 headset to listen to something from my pc and from PS4 at the same time? For example, can I use skype on pc and listen to .

I do radio voice work by day. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and writing. How does it fare? Turns out that issue was just a known glitch! This Youtube video shows how to reset them. Just wanted to spread this info a bit more widely. The battery is rated at about 15 hours on medium volume. Highs are gently reduced from their maximum without a hint of fatigue. Bass is right in that nice middle ground between punchy and rumbly.

Astro A50 Wireless Headphones for Xbox One + Windows 10 Review

For years, it was one of the few companies focused on gaming headsets—and as a result, it got away with charging a premium. So it was only a matter of time really before we got the Astro A Check out our gaming headset roundup for all of our reviews and comprehensive buying advice. Either that, or someone at Astro has weird taste.

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Robert Allen in Hardware November 24, 28 Comments , Views The general rule when you see you branded hardware is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Too often, name recognition is used to push second-rate peripherals. Owners will find the name of the game tastefully written on the speaker tags and a conversion to orange detailing across the headset- but other that these diminutive differences, this is largely the same sizeable headset that has garnered considerable critical acclaim.

Once the surrounding cardboard sheath is removed, an interior box opens to reveal the headset secured in an easy to open polystyrene clamshell container. Since the A50s come shipped already paired to the Mixamp, hooking the headset up to a console, PC, or other sound source is a breeze. Simply plug one end of the supplied TOSLINK cable into the optical out port of a device removing the protective black caps, of course and plug the other end into the amp.

For the PS3 or PS4, owners will want to adjust the sound setting to digital output. For the Xbox , there is one additional link- requiring a cable between the controller and the headset for voice chat to function.

Astro A50 with Xbox Adapter Review (2018): Best Wireless Headset for Xbox One

To be honest with the a40’s and a50’s the only difference is one is wired and one is wireless, the wireless being a Same sound quality, same audio and the a50’s are probably the best wireless headsets out there. So, really when it comes down to the decision, it’s quite simple, do you want wireless or wired? The a50’s have an approximate 10 hours battery life and can be used whilst charging as well, handy. The a40 is just as good, only difference is it is wired and some people prefer wired plus it is at a cheaper price than the a50’s with the same great audio quality.

That’s just the basics, you can do more research on the headsets on the Astro gaming page if you wish.

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Which headset should I get?

For instance, the Astro Gaming A38 was released as a beta and will soon be available for retail later this year. Releasing it as a beta allowed Astro Gaming to test and gather user feedback on the A38 before releasing it out into the wild. This in turn made the A38 better after tweaking all the bits testers commented about. What this is is basically a tiny MixAmp receiver for your computer that functions in conjunction with the Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset.

Astro Gaming has a new solution for you know that allows you to leave your MixAmp connected to your console and only using your A50 headset with your computer in conjunction with the new USB Tx. Why would you buy a separate device for your computer if the MixAmp already worked for it?

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Astro Gaming has made a name for themselves with their gaming headsets. However, some people don’t like to be tied down with wires. The A50s are Astro Gaming’s answer to those people who were looking for something with no strings attached. The sound quality is amazing, especially with the very convincing 7. I was even noticing spacial effects in certain songs I listened to on my PC. I found the A50 Wireless Headset to be best used with the PC, and, unless you have an amazing sound card that you want to use the optical audio out from, you can simply plug the USB connection into your PC and use the A50 transmitter’s internal audio device as your sound card.

The transmitter features both an “Optical In” and an “Optical Out” port for passing the audio along to other devices, should you want to do that. If you don’t use the optical audio cables, you can substitute a standard mini audio cable in the “Aux In” port, but there isn’t a pass-through port for that. Also, although on the PC you can use the A50’s MixAmp transmitter as an audio device instead of using your own sound card or mainboard-embedded sound , the EQ settings don’t seem to have any effect on the sound if it is generated by the MixAmp.

Sound that is piped in via the optical audio, however, is affected by the EQ – and to good effect. The ‘Astro’ setting is tuned with the intention of being used with games. Reportedly, a future firmware upgrade will allow for customizable EQ settings to be assigned to these three EQ positions, so perhaps mine is simply set to flat-lined for all three. I am contacting Astro Gaming about this issue and will follow up with their response and any resolution.

New Gen3 AstroGaming A50 Wireless Headset Unboxing – How To Setup PS4 & PC + Base Station & Mod Kit

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